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I know this is old, but I just came across it and thought it was great …


NEARLY 150 ANGRY moms - babies at their breasts - staged a peaceful “nurse-in” yesterday outside ABC’s Manhattan studios in defense of mother’s milk.

The women - self-named “lactivists” - took to the streets after Barbara Walters, interview queen and host of “The View,” made what they consider disparaging comments about breast-feeding on the talk show.

Walters said she felt awkward sitting with her hairdresser next to a woman who was breast-feeding on an airplane.

"It made me very nervous," Walters said on the May 17 show. "She didn’t cover the baby with a blanket. It made us uncomfortable."

Co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who is nursing her daughter, Grace, said she was “uncomfortable breast-feeding in general.”

 … “Just look away if it’s really that offensive,” said Anushka Paris-Carter, 32, of Manhattan’s East Village, as she fed her 23-month-old daughter, Sasha.

The women - carrying signs like “Mama’s latte is best” - said they worry the comments might keep new moms from nursing. Some are demanding an on-air apology.

"I’d do it on the subway. I’d do it in the library. I’d do it in the park. I’ve never been a particularly shy person, but some people are, and they shouldn’t be discouraged from doing something natural," said Jennifer Sheridan, 42, who brought her two children, each breast-fed for two years.

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