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The hypocrisy and shame of U.S. imperialism: “If Manning had committed war crimes rather than exposing them, he wouldn’t be in so much trouble.* He might even be hailed as an American hero. Instead, he’s held at a military prison in Fort Leavenworth in Kansas, facing more than 20 charges, including “aiding the enemy.”

* Side note: I have heard mixed reports that Bradley Manning actually identifies as a female, prefering the name ‘Breanna Manning.’ However, I have also heard that this is unconfirmed — including the lack of confirmation on whether or not B. Manning even wanted to ‘come out’ right now, if he is indeed transgender. By default, and out of respect to B. Manning, I will refrain from exclusively using female pronouns in reference to him/her until it is certain that Manning publicly chooses to be identified as one way or another.   


Manning is the private who allegedly leaked sheaves of classified material to WikiLeaks while working as an army intelligence analyst in Iraq. The information he is accused of handing over included documents revealing details of crimes committed by U.S. soldiers in Iraq—and State Department cables showing that, far from promoting peace and democracy in the world, the Bush and Obama administrations, when it suited their interests, encouraged war and supported dictatorship.

Daniel Ellsberg, who passed the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times in 1971 and so helped end the war against Vietnam, and who is now seen as something of a secular saint, said last week: “Bradley Manning no more deserves to face charges of treason than I did.” Now 80, Ellsberg has been arrested twice on protests against Manning’s imprisonment.

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