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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is urging his City Council to enact strict new restrictions on many forms of protest on Wednesday, January 18. Local advocates say the Council is distracted by a fierce redistricting battle and that the new ordinance is likely to pass unnoticed, unless there’s a huge outcry. 

Occupy Rogers Park and Occupy South Side started an urgent petition on to tell Chicago’s aldermen to block these new restrictions on free speech in Chicago. Sign their petition now telling the Chicago City Council not to pass the Mayor’s new anti-protest legislation on Wednesday.

According to the Chicago Tribune and the Wall Street Journal, the proposed ordinance imposes impossible-to-meet requirements, confusing restrictions and sky-high fines on protest organizers and participants, including:

  • A 2-hour time limit on all protests;
  • An increase in minimum fines from $50 to $1000 for violations of “parade regulations”;
  • A curfew in public spaces; and
  • A requirement to pre-register “attention-getting devices”, including signs and megaphones, at least 1 week before the event.

Perhaps most startling is the provision that would allow the Mayor’s office to sign no-bid contracts with security companies — whose employees may lack suitable training and oversight to prevent gross abuses.

Occupy Rogers Park and Occupy South Side started the petition because they believe that “this ordinance is a direct attack on anyone in this city who might ever walk a picket line, attend a rally, or stand in solidarity with others in support of a cause.” They want to flood City Council’s inboxes with messages opposing Chicago’s proposed anti-protest legislation, and make sure this message is heard loud and clear before Wednesday’s vote.

Click here to sign the petition telling Chicago’s City Council to vote “No” on legislation to curb protests and freedom of speech.

Thanks for being a change-maker,

- Weldon and the team

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    Except these initiatives got pulled yesterday and actually the fines would be raised from $500 to $1000 because that’s...
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    Who does Rahm think he is, a dictator? Oh wait. My favorite part about this, however, is the fact that a lot of people...
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    Reblog this! Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York backed off his attempts to oust the Occupy protesters due to blacklash,...
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    what. I’m sorry, Chicago, are our constitutional rights inconvenient for you?
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    So much for ‘progressive’ Democrats. WTF is going on in this country?!
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    Suppression of our right to dissent can only be tested by exercising our right to dissent and gathering support and...
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