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"Obamacare" is (unfortunately) not free, universal health care

Just so we’re clear on this, Obama’s health care reform did not, unfortunately, grant universal health care access to all Americans. All it does is require all Americans to purchase private health insurance coverage, and consequently prohibits private insurers from barring someone from purchasing said coverage.

However, the reform law does absolutely nothing to address the prohibitively high rising costs of health care; the massive profits accrued by private health insurers; or the ability for these private insurers to render health care virtually unaffordable to its subscribers through extremely high co-pays, deductibles, premiums, etc.

In recent years, the leading cause of personal bankruptcy had been medical expenses. This will not change at all under “Obamacare.”

In fact, the strong possibility exists that even more people than ever will be without access to health care due to the combination of a generalized decrease in most people’s personal wealth as a result of the recession, coupled with the tendency of the parasitical, private health insurers to constantly bilk Americans for all their worth.

If the insurance companies are no longer allowed to legally bar a person from purchasing insurance coverage, they can certainly make it impossible for a person to afford to use that insurance coverage. In fact, they have an interest in doing so. As long as people are required to buy insurance and pay the annual or monthly premium to the company, the insurer stands to gain the most when people either do not have to, or cannot afford to, actually see a doctor. The insurance company isn’t billed by the hospital for any services, and the profit margins of the insurance CEO’s skyrockets.

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    But Obama wanted “single-payer” healthcare (i.e, the government providing it for free), but when Republicans outright...
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    People, Obamacare is the same system we have in place here in MA and was in fact an invention of our former governor...
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