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See, humans are naturally inclined toward socialist behavior! That’s why the capitalist ruling class needs to make such immense use of various forms of ideological, economic, physical, and social coercion against us in order to keep its order in existence [i.e., prisons, media, police, politicians, scapegoating, racism/sexism/xenophobia, etc.]


According to researcher Frans de Waal, new studies on animals from primates to mice show there is a biological basis for behavior such as cooperation.

Until recently, the common scientific view was that humans, inherently “nasty” at their core, had been forced to develop an unnatural veneer of morality in order to function as a society.

De Waal countered that human children — and most higher animals — are “moral” in a scientific sense, because they need to cooperate with each other to reproduce and pass on their genes.

As evidence of his claims, de Waal provided video from laboratories which revealed the “dramatic emotional distress” of one monkey denied a treat that another received, and of a rat giving up chocolate in order to help another rat escape from a trap.

According to de Waal, these findings prove that social tendencies such as “reciprocity, fairness, empathy and consolation,” occur naturally, in the wild.

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