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Once again, fuck the Democrats. For every inch of ground they take away from women on the question of reproductive rights and autonomy, it becomes easier for the GOP to sweep in and demand even more …


Illinois women who want to get abortions might be required to either view an ultrasound before the procedure or decline to do so in writing, under proposals that passed an Illinois House committee Tuesday.

The two measures call for more regulations on centers that perform abortions — including requiring doctors to ask if the patient wants to see an ultrasound and additional building regulations on the actual clinics — were passed overwhelmingly …

The legislation sponsored by state Democratic Rep. Thomas Morrison of Palatine would reclassify clinics that perform 50 abortions or more every year under regulations for certain outpatient surgery centers. The clinics would have to comply with the new standards by 2016.

State Rep. Joseph Lyons, D-Chicago, sponsored the bill that would require medical professionals to ask if a patient wants to see the ultrasound before an abortion, if an ultrasound was performed.

"The ultrasound would reveal the unborn baby before the abortion is performed," said Lyons. Under the legislation, women would have to fill out a form declining to see the ultrasound.

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