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So it looks like the national march on D.C. to protest the ongoing war on women has been pushed back to September 16, 2012. If nothing else, this allows for more time to build a bigger and more successful action, so I see it as a good thing.

The only drawback is that it pushes it closer to the election, and the organizers have stated that this is in order to better get the message out against the “GOP’s war on women” as people head in to the voting booths.

I’m sorry, but wasn’t it Democrats who rammed anti-abortion amendments into the recent health care bill? And wasn’t it Obama-appointed Supreme Court Justices who sided with Wal-Mart in the recent sexual discrimination case?

Just last week Democrats in the Illinois State Legislature were behind an anti-abortion “ultrasound” bill that came to the floor.

To say that the war on women is EXCLUSIVELY Republican is just plain disingenuous and frankly, dangerous.


The We Are Woman National March
Please read the entire release HERE

We are thrilled to announce that the We Are Woman National March on Washington, DC, has been rescheduled. The response to the national march has been amazing, and overwhelmingly positive, with attendees already numbering in the thousands. Given the response, we feel that it would be impossible to obtain the necessary permits required by the original date.

We chose September 16th, 2012, as the new date for several reasons. September 16th is National Women’s Friendship Day and National Working Parents’ Day, two of the many groups currently under attack by the new GOP. Moving the date also gives us more time to invite dignitaries and speakers to volunteer their time, joining us as we stand up against
the war being waged by the new GOP.

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