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Can anyone really say, though, that the debates wouldn’t have been better if more voices were included; like, for instance, a woman’s voice; like, for instance, Cheri Honkala, the Green Party’s VP who will be on 85% of state ballots??? Rather than a debate between the candidates of two parties which have collectively run the country since the days of American slavery, we could have a multiplicity of genuine progressive and working-class voices included in this “great democracy” of ours???

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    I know! How are other voices heard otherwise?
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  4. necoho answered: Yes, good.
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    THIS. Sheeple don’t understand.
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    I would’ve loved to hear Cheri Honkala speak. Two rich white dudes do nothing for me. A homelessness activist, however…
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  10. unapologeticexistence answered: AGREED. i was just thinking that about the other day actually. I wish Stein would’ve been present too for the Obama/Romney debate
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  15. freetohide answered: Yes.
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  17. notthedestroyer answered: I agree! It should also be longer than 1:30. We’re talking about running the country.
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