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Women, the military, “unit cohesion,” and sexual violence

Now the media is in a frenzy of debate over the decision to allow women to serve in combat roles in the US military. Right-wingers are saying women pose a threat to the male cohesion of units, blah blah. Whatever. The real threat is not to the men but to the women. Why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that 1 in 3 women in the Army experience rape and/or sexual assault (according to the Army’s own figures)? Is that not a threat to unit “cohesion” [which units already include women anyways in nominally non-combat roles but in reality anything but]?

Personally, I think we should abolish the standing army in this country. But if people are going to talk about a “crisis” in the military over questions of gender, it is a crime to let such a discussion posit women as the transgressors by ignoring the cesspool of misogyny and sexual violence which is perpetrated by male soldiers against women every single day.

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    we men are lucky, or something, that women dont just haul off and start killing and sodomizing us en masse, the way we...
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    Spot on! Just what I was about to say, (but didn’t get around to doing it) gotta work sometime….
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    I have seen some people mention the high rate of sexual assault in the military in the context of the decision to allow...
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