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After the media’s complete horseshit of a performance today in peddling false information about suspects and arrests pertaining to the Boston bombings, my ability to trust these fools’ numbers and facts about any tragedy is now strained.

Yet, if this is accurate, then this is so fucked. The first question that comes to my mind is, okay, how many health and safety violations did this company have prior to their whole fucking plant exploding? Any company conducting a business in which 60 people could be instantaneously killed over an “accident” is a company that should be held liable for mass murder, in my opinion.


A fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, north of Waco, killed as many as 60 or 70 people and injured hundreds according to KWTX, which spoke with West EMS Director Dr. George Smith.

Meanwhile, the residents of the town of 2700 are being asked to evacuate the town Wednesday evening.

Firefighters were already on scene responding to a fire at West Fertilizer, when the explosion occurred.

Emergency crews from central and north Texas have been called in to help respond to the injuries and destruction from the explosion.

As of 10 p.m. fires were still burning in the area, and strong south winds blowing at 30 miles per hour are fanning those flames.

A hotline (254-202-1100) has been set up at Hillcrest Hospital for family and friends to check on loved ones.

Anywhere between 40 and 60 patients have been admitted to the hospital ranging in age from babies to elderly.

Triage was initially set up at the local high school football field, however it was being moved to a nearby softball field because of a strong odor in the area.

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    Prayers go out to them.
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