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It’s not just Republicans: Democratic political leaders at the city and state level are using the tactics of economic terrorism against some of the hardest-working Americans in order to achieve their political agenda; namely, slashing budgets along with workers’ pay and benefits.


Receiving a “pink slip” layoff notice, said Taunton firefighter Jason Boiros, is not only a little bit frightening, but frustrating as well.

“We start to feel like pawns in a political game,” Boiros, 34, said.

The five-year TFD veteran is one of 26 firefighters — and among 62 municipal workers, including 27 cops — who were handed pink slip notices three weeks ago.

Mayor Charles Crowley has stated he will not resort to laying off a single worker on two conditions, the first being that all 19 municipal unions approve a new health-insurance plan that will save the city $1.7 million.

Eight of those unions, he said, so far have agreed to the new plan, which will include higher co-pay fees.

The second part of the fiscal equation, he says, is for City Council on June 28 to vote in favor of doubling the price of trash-collection bags from $1 to $2 each. That move, he claims, will provide the city an additional $1 million in annual revenue.

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