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Bernese Mountain Dog and Baby are BFF


Just have to save this for later when I’m in need of a smile.


Out of control, these right-wing bigots are. They not only want to bar women from having access to an abortion in all circumstances, they even want to bar women from having access to information about her own body which may (or may not) lead her to desire an abortion.

Forget the fact that it should be an absolute right of a woman to have access to all information regarding her body, her reproductive system, and her pregnancy. This is simply a matter of basic health — of mother and child. The more accurate the information a doctor can glean from a pregnancy about the fetus, the more safe and healthy will be any decisions made about that particular pregnancy, whether that includes carrying it to term or seeking termination.

It just goes to show that American bigotry takes the terms ‘misogyny’ and ‘anti-choice’ to a whole new level …


First birth control, now prenatal testing? Once again a fact of life for many American women has become a jarring issue in the presidential race.

Republican candidate Rick Santorum is making free screenings for birth defects part of his attack on President Barack Obama’s health care law. Santorum charges that the law requiring insurers to cover the tests is a way to encourage more women to have abortions that will “cull the ranks of the disabled in our society.”

Obama re-election campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith called Santorum’s remarks “misinformed and dangerous.” She said the tests help bring about safer deliveries for mothers and babies.

Federal health officials and doctors recommend that all pregnant women be offered blood tests and an ultrasound exam that assess the risk of having a baby with a birth defect or genetic disorder, including Down syndrome. If a screening test raises concern, a woman may choose further testing, such as amniocentesis.