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Anti-capitalist sentiment today

In the late 1990s many on the left were debating whether or not we had entered a political period marked by the widespread proliferation of anti-capitalist sentiment. Some of us concluded, at that time, that such a characterization was far too overblown.

In 2014, however, I would say that we are far closer to such an “anti-capitalist” moment than at any time in the last 30 years.


Joel Geier on “Zinovievism and the degeneration of world Communism” in the new ISR:

"The revolutionary Marxist tradition has to fully disentangle itself from the degeneration of the Russian Revolution while holding fast to its liberating content. This study of Zinovievism as part of the degeneration—the interregnum between Leninism and Stalinism, but not yet the counterrevolution—will allow us to better understand the deviations it introduced into the movement and prevent them from distorting future revolutionary theory and practice.”


Disability liberation and the fight against capitalist exploitation

Disability liberation is intrinsically tied up with the fight of the working class against exploitation. When workers fight for a shorter workday, more flexibility at work, a slower pace of production, more control over the conditions of their work, they are in fact fighting for a mode of production (i.e., the type and relations of all the work that enables society to function) that is more accessible; a form of labor in which the pace and nature of work is organized around the actual human laborer rather than vice-versa.

Capitalist production which values each human according to how many commodities they can produce (i.e., how much profit they can make for the owning class) is detrimental to the minds, bodies, and lives of those humans inside the labor force, as well as those humans who are excluded from the labor force (and therefore largely live in poverty) because their minds, bodies, and lives are deemed insufficiently productive.

Rather, a society in which all humans are enabled to contribute whatever they can, however they can, to the necessary production and reproduction of that society, while also sharing equal access to the goods and services thereby collectively created*, is a set of affairs that the working class and all disabled people have an absolute shared interest in fighting to attain.

* or, as Karl Marx put it, ‘From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.’


[TW - Transmisogyny]. Chicago Sun-Times is one of those so-called “media outlets” that will be expropriated after the revolution and put in the hands of democratically-elected and accountable transgender commissars of public information; its pages will be opened to all lgbt writers and individuals who are currently silenced by the Sun-Times’ editorial policy of amplifying the voices of ignorant bigots who have absolutely nothing useful or insightful to say, but whose ranting has the effect of further stigmatizing an already-oppressed social group.


BY KEVIN D. WILLIAMSON: To say the actor is a woman makes subjective impressions superordinate to biological fact.

The world is abuzz with news that actor Laverne Cox has become the first transgender person to appear on the cover of Time magazine. If I understand the current state of the ever-shifting ethic and rhetoric of transgenderism, that is not quite true: Bradley Manning, whom we are expected now to call Chelsea, beat Cox to the punch by some time. Manning’s announcement of his intention to begin living his life as a woman and to undergo so-called sex-reassignment surgery came after Time’s story, but, given that we are expected to defer to all subjective experience in the matter of gender identity, it could not possibly be the case that Manning is a transgendered person today but was not at the time of the Time cover simply because Time was unaware of the fact, unless the issuance of a press release is now a critical step in the evolutionary process.

As I wrote at the time of the Manning announcement, Bradley Manning is not a woman. Neither is Laverne Cox.

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Every year, the Socialism conferences aims to be a place where activists can share lessons from their struggles—from the boycott, divestment and sanction campaign for Palestine to the fight for LGBT liberation, from the Fight for 15 to the struggle to stop the destruction of the planet, the fight against racism, and more.

With well over 100 meetings, the weekend will feature left-wing authors and thinkers discussing the debates on the left today, as well as meetings on the hidden history of working-class and socialist struggles.

Entertainment this year will feature the abortion rights play MOM BABY GOD as well as a Radical Film Festival, and much more.

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what is wrong with you? Don't bastardize Trotsky ya twat. People like you are creating fear in the only thing that any of us should have any hope in: love. "those who speak of revolution and class struggle without referring explicitly to everyday life, without understanding what is subversive about love and what is positive in the refusal of constraints, such people have a corpse in their mouth." Dismissing MRA bullshit as having NO legitimacy is foolish, and makes *you* a fascist. ANALYZE

i’m sorry, what?! what in the fuck does “love” have to do with the male supremacist movement, i.e., misogyny, i.e., so-called “men’s rights activism”?! that movement has as much to do with genuine love as the KKK has to do with racial equality.

or rather, if you think LOVE means women being oppressed to the point where they are obligated to fuck every guy that is lonely lest he kill them, then your conception of LOVE is really really really fucking warped.

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Away with this order — this competitive, capitalistic order with its ruling of class by class, its courts of injustice, its hypocrisies, its clashing interests, its shocking contrasts, its wars and its uncertain peace. I say, this competitive system has been a long, costly experiment, and has failed.
Helen Keller, 1918

Helen Keller, “On Competition,” 1918

People who think about such matters realize that the competitive system by which the affairs of the world are conducted today has not proved satisfactory. Growing numbers perceive that there may be a better plan, a better social order. It is self-evident that our institutions should make us all reasonably happy. That the majority of human beings upon this planet are not happy is obvious. People more and more are recognizing that some fundamental changes in the method of conducting the world’s business must take place before all departments of human endeavor coordinate, and that until coordination is secured, there will be injustice, exploitation, waste and wars. Now competition is one of the primary obstacles in the way of coordinating man’s efforts to secure justice, freedom, efficiency and lasting peace.

We have been taught that competition is healthy, necessary, that to destroy it would be to sap the springs of energy and individualism. It is insisted, without it life would be harder and more unpleasant even than it is. No more work would be done than was absolutely necessary. The business man would not rise early. He would not spend the whole day in his office. Industry and trade would stagnate. No new markets would be opened; there would be no fluctuation of prices; there would be no excitement, no incentive. Life would become dull, monotonous. Life would not be worth while without the keen edge of competition. Men would lost ambition, and the race would sink into dull sameness, compared with which peas in a pod would present a pleasing variety.

This whole argument is a fallacy. Whatever is worth while in our civilization has survived in spite of competition. Under the competitive system the work of the world is badly done. The result is waste and ruin. Things will never be better until cooperative production is substituted for competitive production.

Primarily; industrial life is rent by competition. Profit is the aim, and the public good is a secondary consideration. Competition sins against its own pet god efficiency. In spite of all the struggle, toil and fierce effort the result is a depressing state of destitution for the majority of mankind. Competition diverts man’s energies into useless channels and degrades his character. It is immoral as well as inefficient, since its commandment is, “Thou shalt compete against thy neighbor.” Truthfulness, honesty, consideration for others, such a rule does not foster. But it does foster selfishness, want of sympathy, cheating, adulteration of goods and the making  of worthless cheap wares. Competitors are indifferent to each other’s welfare. Indeed, they are glad of each others’ failure because they find their advantage in it. Compassion is deadened in them by the necessity they are under of nullifying the efforts of their fellow-competitors.

This order is founded upon injustice and supported by force. It gives the land on which all must live into the hands of a few; it squanders vast sums on war, and meets the demands of working-men for higher wages and better conditions with indifference or resistance. Under such a system unhappiness is the rule, and happiness the exception. Disease is common; sound health is rare. The majority are in want while the minority live in luxury.

Finally, to every nation comes a moment when “a good war” is the only remedy for internal disorder. “A good war” is the comfort of despair. That is the sort of war [World War I]that is rending the world today. “Each for himself” is a selfish, soulless rule. “Each for all” is much more stimulative and effective. Cooperation, or combined control, achieves a far greater result not only for the whole, but also for the individual.

Competition is wasteful of labor and laborers. It exploits the workers to such an extent that they are too poor to buy what they themselves produce. In a fever of production competition piles up masses of goods for which there is no market at home. As a consequence of over-production we have armed competition of governments, and the world is periodically plunged into war with the object of opening foreign markets for the surplus. The present world war is a monstrous example of the warfare of competition. Look at all the commercial countries at this moment. What is the supreme aim of their governments? Markets. All over the world they are hunting for undeveloped countries to “shoot” their commodities into, while millions of their own people are hungry, cold and naked. Thus we have the amazing spectacle of great armies and navies composed of the exploited workers competing with each other, enduring terrific hardships and unimaginable sacrifice, in order to dispose of the fruits of their own labor for the benefit of a privileged few in their respective countries! What an outrageous, unthinkable state of affairs! For these reasons competition is a great sin, the cause of incalculable misery, waste and ruin. None of the evils enumerated in this indictment is accidental or temporary. They are an inevitable result of the present social order. Away with this order then — this competitive, capitalistic order with its ruling of class by class, its courts of injustice, its hypocrisies, its clashing interests, its shocking contrasts, its  wars and its uncertain peace. I say, this competitive system has been a long, costly experiment, and has failed.

Journalism is one of the devices whereby industrial autocracy keeps its control over political democracy; it is the day-by-day, between-elections propaganda, whereby the minds of the people are kept in a state of acquiescence, so that when the crisis of an election comes, they go to the polls and cast their ballots for either one of the two candidates of their exploiters. Not hyperbolically and contemptuously, but literally and with scientific precision, we define Journalism in America as the business and practice of presenting the news of the day in the interest of economic privilege.
Upton Sinclair, The Brass Check

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Our society pits men against women at every turn. It teaches men that they are the natural better of women; that she belongs to him. That he is her ‘natural protector’ and therefore entitled to her body.

To be sure, many men will fight tooth and nail to defend the existence of these unequal social relations. For many men, this society truly is the best of all possible worlds from their vantage point, and they have little to gain and much to lose in the event that women win true social emancipation.

However, there are far too many other men who are themselves exploited and oppressed by this society and have every interest in seeing its downfall, and yet buy into the notion that their supremacy over women translates into their own liberation within the status quo; that their emancipation is predicated upon the oppression of women. To these men I say, what emancipation? What liberation? What grand set of conditions which prevail under the status quo are you defending?

If the oppression of women was necessary for your liberation, then why do you remain, under present social conditions, mired in poverty, ill health, low wages, police brutality, imprisonment, alienated and unfulfilled labor, war, environmental catastrophe, and a host of other cultural norms which suffocate you in a rigid cage of artificially-constructed “masculinity”?

No. To quote the great revolutionary socialist, Helen Keller, “Workingmen suffer from the helplessness of working women. They must compete in the same offices and factories with women who are unable to protect themselves with proper laws. They must compete with women who work in unsanitary rooms called homes, work by dim lamps at nite, rocking a cradle with one foot. It is to the interest of all workers to end this stupid, one-sided, one power arrangement.”

"The laws made by men rule the minds as well as the bodies of women. The man-managed state so conducts its schools that the ideals of women are warped to hideous shapes … Nearly all the opportunities, educational and political, that woman has acquired have been gained by a march of conquest with a skirmish at every post.

"We shall not see the end of capitalism and the triumph of democracy until men and women work together in the solving of their political, social, and economic problems, [and thereby] hasten the day when the age-long dream of liberty, equality and brotherhood shall be realized upon earth."


hi! i'm writing an essay about the biggest problem facing america today and i'm considering doing the broken capitalist system and it's oppression of the lower class. do you have any articles/links that might be helpful?